Top 5 tips for glowing skin on your wedding day


Glowing and radiant skin is all of your hard work showing itself to the world. Great skin takes great care, daily and consistently. Ideally, you want to be getting your skin in top shape a year in advance. Whether your big day is just around the corner, or you are in the beginning stages of your wedding planning, start now.

1.Scheduled Facials

A monthly facial is our top tip, to ensure glowing skin on your wedding day. It provides professional exfoliation to smooth out the skin. A facial provides deep moisturizing and can also help smooth and lighten discolouration from the sun. As important as it is to have a daily skin routine, a scheduled monthly visit is going to step your glow game! A great one to try is Eco Chic's Ultimate Youth Facial.


Eating whole, unprocessed foods and staying hydrated allows your skin to have the foundation it deserves to build on. Your skin is just another organ that needs nutrients to stay healthy. Be sure to allows carry a water bottle, every where you go. If you are not currently drinking 2 litres of water, start! You may be taking more trips to the bathroom, but your skin will thank you, trust me.


Your whole body needs a solid skin care regimen, not just your face. You can easily make up your own scrubs to use at home. Start with a base of coconut oil and raw coconut sugars. Be sure to follow up all exfoliation with moisturizer. We recommend visiting us on the week of your wedding for a COCOA COCONUT HYDRATING BODY WRAP. A full body coconut sugar exfoliation, followed by a cocoa butter massage.

4.Keep clean makeup brushes

Skipping on clean make up brushes can lead to breakouts and clogged pores. Keeping your makeup brushes clean with not only keep unwanted bacteria off of your face, but will also keep your expensive brushes in better condition. A simple routine is to use baby soap, warm water and paper towels. It may not be a glamorous job, but is it your missing piece of the puzzle?

5.Sanitize your smartphone

A Stanford University study conducted on iPhones revealed that it can a personal device can carry more germs than a public toilet. All of the germs & bacteria are being pressed directly on your face. Using an antibacterial wipe on your phone a few times through the day will do the trick.

smartphone (1).png

A well laid out plan for your wedding day should include a daily skin regimen. Perhaps this will spark something that stays in your routine, long into your days as a married couple. Our knowledgeable aestheticians can help create your skin care regimen and prepare you for glowing and radiant skin on your wedding day.

Our estheticians have been working with Whistler bride's since 2011. Book your appointment, directly online and our talented team will have your skin on point for your wedding day.

Posted on May 5, 2017 .