Your skin will glow from this facial. Your treatment begins with deep cleaning, skin analysis, Green Pure light therapy, brightening treatment mask and finished with treatment serum and sunscreen. Green Pure light can reduce age spots, sun damage and hyper pigmentation by 30-50%. We may recommend follow up treatments to get the long term results that you are looking to achieve.

60 minutes • $155

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Our signature facial starts with enzyme exfolation & then combines a micro current to stimulate facial muscles and Red LED Pure Light that fiberblasts & stimulates your own collagen production while tightening the skin. Your facial muscles will regain tone while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. This essentially is a non-surgical face-lift. Finishing the facial with a hydrating botanical sheet mask

60 Minutes •$160

Facial Enhancements • $20

  • 25% Hyaluronic Acid (for dry, dehydrated & aging skin)
  • 25% Retinol (for wrinkles, pigmentation & aging skin)
  • 25% Vitamin C (for redness, irritation, dry/dehydrated & skin)


You will see results with this facial.  Your treatment begins with a deep cleansing, skin analysis, enzyme exfoliation, Magenta Pure Light therapy, extractions and treatment mask.  Magenta Pure Light therapy produces singlet oxygen which kills the bacteria responsible for acne.  You can have this facial as often as once/week.  Talk to us about setting up a treatment program for your skin needs.

60 minutes • $155

 Vascu-Lyse Treatment

This safe, noninvasive treatment is effective in removing skin blemishes, broken capillaries, ruby points, skin tags and blotches. The procedure involves a mild current that induces coagulation in the distended capillary that the body then absorbs. This procedure is safe and virtually painless.

20 Minutes • $80


Vascu-Lyse Treatment

Vascu-Lyse Treatment